Friday, April 8, 2011

Public Sculpture in St. Louis

photo by the author.

Prettiest piece of public art in St. Louis? This canopy by Liam Gillick at Centene's new headquarters in downtown Clayton, MO.

The parking structure (out of the picture, to the right) uses color to mark the levels. While this never makes sense in most parking structures (how many times do you still have to write down the floor number when parking in an urban area?), this one works.

I have no idea what the process was for choosing this artist, but whoever was involved--congratulations! See what a good budget for public art can do?


  1. in this case it was Gyo who is responsible! HOK had worked with Gillick before: I LOVE this piece it's trilling to experience and works even on a cloudy day

  2. ps too bad the lobby art of this building is not so thrilling! Client's choice on that