Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Politics and art, together again.

As I am about to leave town for some much-needed art-viewing, I am impressed by the political things being posted by friends and colleagues on-line.

A brief sampling from tonight:

Chicago-based critic Dan Wang's current Facebook pic--fantastic!

Image of an action by the Overhead Light Brigade, whose members traveled around Wisconsin, getting their message out despite the cold and abuse.

But the most important, sobering image that gets back to brass tacks?

So here you go, stats to refute the idiocy and divisiveness aimed at the Country's leader.

So as I head to Europe I look forward to hearing about someone else's politics because ours are depressing and mind-numblingly small. I look forward to seeing politicized art at Documenta and Manifesta, art that tackles the issues of today, issues other generations had explored and exploded--and perhaps artists will, again,  bring me some solace in this wacky world.

PS. Wisconsin--why have you failed us?