Monday, August 2, 2010

On vacation.

photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki.

I'm on vacation this week--well, faux vacation, since I've got to finish my essay for the Ahmet Ogut show I'm organizing this October, and working on the 4000 level course I'm teaching at the University of Missouri-St. Louis starting at the end of the month.

still from Baraboo from inside Kathy & Duane's kitchen.

But still, I'm in Milwaukee with Kevin and pals and enjoying working at home in casual clothes. We've already had dinner outside at a friend's house and watched the movie Baraboo and attended the JACL (Japanese American Citizen's League) picnic (with bingo sharks in the group).

fruit tart for JACL picnic

This is a great time to reflect on all the changes of the past year--and to think about all the changes to come in my second year at Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Happy August to all you Leos in the crowd!

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