Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bonus! Education in America

top: ASU Sun Devil stadium and satellite dishes
bottom: special Barak Obama t-shirts
(photos: MK)

Finally, a discussion about the importance of educating young people in America at the ASU graduation ceremony tonight. I grew up in Canada, so these discussions seem rather distressing. Of course you need to educate your populace! Education is a fundamental part of the Social Contract, as we know.

Dr. Michael Crow, president of ASU, is an astute, visionary leader who has set the stage for how Arizona can work its way out of its financial abyss--education!

Tonight's convocation by President Obama and Dr. Crow was inspiring, and makes my rather bleak image (above) of Sun Devil stadium appear to hold promise--despite the heat.

(Below) A consolation prize for not sitting outside in the 100+ degree heat.

Summer is here!

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